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Facebook wants to transmit high-speed Internet via lasers

Facebook is working on a project to bring the Internet to the whole world, the social network that offers to be offered in brazilian lands. Mark Zuckerberg published a novelty, now Facebook will use satellites, drones and even lasers to offer internet around the world.
Facebook plans to deliver the network easier and safely as possible. This is how they will use lasers, these light beams can transmit high-speed Internet, it is much faster and has a lower attenuation that radio signals.

It also showed how the Internet is transmitted by light beams, but nothing has been disclosed about the receivers will be on land. The lasers are invisible and completely harmless, however, no one will get hurt when using the internet that Zuckerberg’s company is trying to offer.

Trying to bring internet to different places on the planet is a great idea, but of course there are many problems, environmental and geographic. So the company wants to start using drones to offer internet, since in that case there is no need for any wiring.