Ending Israel’s Illusion: Abu Ubaidah’s Words

Abu Ubaidah shatters Israel’s illusions, promising a major defeat and the release of prisoners, marking the start of a new era in Palestine.

Abu Ubaidah addressing Israel: “We’re gonna serve you a major defeat, and our captives in exchange for yours.”

The spokesperson for the Izz ad-Din al-Qassam Brigades, the military wing of Hamas, said that the resistance fighters are still waiting for the occupying army. He emphasized that the price for the release of the prisoners is to clear the occupation’s prisons of all Palestinian captives.

In a recorded speech, Abu Ubaidah stated that the era of the invincible army is over, and the current battle will be a turning point in the nation’s history. He also pointed out that the massacres committed by the occupying army against civilians in Gaza are evidence of their great pain and sense of defeat.

He added, “After 22 days of the Battle of Al-Aqsa Tempest, we tell the enemy that we are still waiting for them to taste new forms of death. We will teach them and the world the meaning of heroism and sacrifice, serving them a bigger defeat than they expect or fear.”

Regarding the issue of prisoners, Abu Ubaidah mentioned that there were several communications on this matter, and there was an opportunity to reach an agreement, “but the enemy procrastinated and did not show real seriousness in ending the suffering of its captives, killing around 50 of them in its strikes on Gaza.”

The spokesperson for the al-Qassam Brigades added, “We say to the enemy and to the world, clearly and concisely, that the large number of the enemy’s captives in our possession means a complete clearance of Zionist prisons of all captives. If the enemy wants to settle this issue once and for all, we are ready for that, and if they want a phased approach, we are ready for that as well, but they must pay the price.”

Abu Ubaidah also spoke about the progress of the war, saying, “We saw Nasrallah as we stormed the enemy’s fortifications on the 7th of October, which crumbled before us like a house of cards. We saw him enabling us to crush a heavily armed military unit, fortified with all kinds of weapons, that had besieged our people for decades. We saw Nasrallah and one fighter destroying 3 enemy vehicles, killing those inside, as they fled in front of him as if they were fleeing from an army.”

He mentioned that human frogs were introduced into Zikim a few days ago to spread fear among the forces they were mobilizing to invade Gaza. He added, “We saw how the enemy proudly announced that they had killed 10 fighters, while the entire force was made up of 3 fighters.”

Abu Ubaidah stated, “The time for selling the illusion to the world about the invincible army, the super Merkava, and the superior intelligence has ended. We have broken and shattered it in front of the world in the Gaza envelope and in all of Palestine.”

Abu Ubaidah

The spokesperson emphasized that “the time of the collapse of Zionism has begun, and the curse of the eighth decade will fall upon them. They should return to their Torah and Talmud and read it well and await the time of their humiliation patiently.”

Abu Ubaidah also addressed the Arab leaders, saying, “We do not ask you to mobilize your armies and tanks to defend the children of the Arabs and Muslims, their sanctities, and their holy places. We have taken it upon ourselves to wipe out this occupation, to challenge it, and to fight for the honor of our nation, our religion, our sanctities, and our land, with the resources we have built from scratch and created from the impossible.”

He called on “the honorable and free of the nation to rise in defense of their Jerusalem, their Al-Aqsa, and the glory of their nation,” adding, “We are absolutely certain that if the free people of this nation rise even with the effort of one man in the field, the enemy will not be able to endure it and will not withstand this raging storm.”

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